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How Kinks songwriter Ray Davies hit back after trouble flared in the boutique

Singer songwriter Ray Davies is rightly regarded as a national treasure. With his brother Dave he fronted The Kinks in the 1960s and wrote some of the most enduring and quintessentially English songs in the popular genre.

Ray Davies

Waterloo Sunset alone stands head and shoulders above anything that might be regarded as competition. But like so many great creative talents Davies has not always made life easy for himself.  Eccentric, combative and contrary, he has burnt a few bridges.

It is therefore not surprising perhaps to discover that even an apparently harmless pop ditty like Dedicated Follower of Fashion was written in anger. It was a swipe at a Carnaby Street designer who told Davies his flares were too wide. Wounded by the comment a riled Ray went home and sharpened his pen. Find out more this evening when BBC Radio 4’s Mastertapes  features The Kinks 1970 album , the band’s comment on music business corruption.

The interview will be broadcast BBC Radio 4’s Mastertapes at  3.30pm today (Tuesday)

See BBC story here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-20461371

From song and dance to Dickens’ Villains via Stalin’s purges

 Not content with appearing all week in the hit West End musical Singin’ In the Rain and spending several Sundays exploring Dickens’ Villains for Clive Conway Productions, actor Robert Powell is currently reading the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week.

He is delivering Douglas Smith’s Former People in daily 15 minute instalments. It explores Stalin’s  bloodthirsty purges of Russian nobility following the Bolshevick Revolution After studying letters and diaries from the period in close detail Smith explores the human cost of this terrible time.

This Sunday (November 18) will find Powell back in Dickens’ Villains mode at the The Kenton Theatre
19 New Street, Henley-on-Thames, OXON, United Kingdom, RG9 2BS

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